MICS Conference

September, 5th and 6th 2011
Zurich, Switzerland





A list of hotels in which we have reserved rooms for MICS conference participants.

St. Peter Church


How to book a room?

In the hotels listed below, we have reserved a certain amount of rooms for the participants of the MICS conference. For booking, please contact the hotel directly and make sure to mention the keyword MICS 2011.

du Theatre Seilergraben 69 info@hotel-du-theatre.ch 044 267 26 70 CHF 160.00 no CHF 2.50  
Ruetli Zaehringerstrasse 43 info@rutli.ch 044 254 58 00 CHF 175.00 yes CHF 2.50  
Bristol Stampfenbachstrasse 34 info@hotelbristol.ch 044 258 44 44 CHF 150.00 yes CHF 2.50  


If you do not like any of the above mentioned hotels or if they are fully booked you may try the following or check Zurich Tourism for a complete list of available hotel rooms. Prices shown are per room and night and include breakfast, there may be an additional citytax of CHF 2.50 per person and night. We try to keep the list up-to-date by marking hotels which are fully booked. Therefore, in case you discover a hotel that has no more rooms available but is not listed as full here, please drop us a note.


Florhof Florhofgasse 4 info@florhof.ch 044 250 26 26 CHF 230.00/370.00 yes CHF 2.50  
Leoneck Leonhardstrasse 1 info@leoneck.ch 044 254 22 22 CHF 150.00/195.00 no CHF 2.50  
Plattenhof Plattenstrasse 26 hotel@plattenhof.ch 044 251 19 10 CHF 190.00/215.00 yes CHF 2.50  
Sunnehus Sonneggstrasse 17 info@hotelsunnehus.ch 044 250 27 27 CHF 150.00/210.00 yes CHF 2.50  
St. Josef Hirschengraben 64/68 info@st-josef.ch 044 250 57 57 CHF 182.00/245.00 yes incl  



How to get to Zurich?


By Train

From a not too distant location, this is probably the most convenient way to approach Zurich. There are frequent connections in all directions, from Germany by ICE, from France by TGV, and from Italy by Cisalpino. Some approximate travel times: Basel (1h), Karlsruhe (3h), Milano (4h), Frankfurt (4h), München (5h), Paris (6h), Amsterdam (8h), Berlin (8h), Roma (8h), Wien (9h), Praha (11h).

Zurich's main station is referred to as Zurich HB. It is located in walking distance (10-15 minutes uphill) to ETH. More details regarding train connections can be inquired from the Swiss Railway Website or the German Railway Website.

Zurich Main Station






By Car.

Zurich can easily be reached by car as well, travel times are similar as given above for train. See any standard routeplanner for details. There is a speed-limit of 50km/h within towns, 80km/h outside tows, and 120km/h on motorways. In order to use motorways, you need to buy a vignette that costs CHF 40 (~ €28) and is valid for one year. The vignette can be bought at any border crossing or gas station, rental cars usually come with it.

Driving a car within Zurich. Driving in Zurich ist not really fun. Most importantly, there is no place where you can park your car free of charge. Most parking lots are within a so-called blue-zone, for which you need a parking-ticket (Tagesbewilligung Blaue Zone) for each working day incl. Saturdays. Such a ticket costs CHF 15 (~ €11) per day; it can be obtained online from Stadtpolizei (pages in German only).



How to get to the Conference (ETH Main Building HG/Auditorium Maximum)?


By tram.

The tram station closest to the conference site is called ETH/Universitätsspital. It is served by tram lines #9, #10, and #6. In the following, we give specific directions starting from Zurich HB.

From Zurich HB. Tram #6 (direction Zoo) and #10 (direction Airport) takes you directly from Zurich HB to ETH (HG/Auditorium Maximum). If you arrive at Zurich HB, go to the station hall and turn towards the large ad-board, following the signs towards Bahnhofstrasse.

Downstairs, you see straight ahead a sign directing you up-left to Haltestelle Bahnhofstrasse Tram #6. Go up there and take Tram #6 heading to Zoo.

In case you come from Zurich airport by train, your ticket is also valid for the tram trip. Otherwise, your train ticket is most likely not valid for public transport within Zurich and you have to buy a ticket:

ticket machine

For this particular trip, a Kurzstrecken-Billet ("short-trip ticket") is sufficient. Such a ticket costs CHF 2,50 (~ €1,75) and is valid for one single trip (no change of train) within the next 30 minutes. You can obtain it by pressing the yellow button on the ticket machine.

yellow button


From other places.
If you start from some stop other than Bahnhofstrasse, you should check that ETH/Universitätsspital is listed as part of the range for Kurzstrecken-Billets from that particular station. The stations within this range are listed below the yellow button on ticket machines. If ETH/Universitätsspital is not listed there, you have to buy a normal ticket. These tickets are valid for all public transport within Zurich (Zone 10), let it be train, tram, bus, or boat and cost CHF 4.00 (~ €2.80 ) for 1 hour of validity or CHF 8.00 (~ €5.60 ) for 24 hours of validity.

Valid  here means that you can make as many trips as you like within the given timespan.


By Polybahn.

From Zurich Central (first tram stop after Zurich Main Station) you can also go up to ETH by Polybahn. This is a small cablecar that connects Central Square with the so-called Polyterrasse below the ETH main building. Tickets for public transport (in Zone 10) are also valid for Polybahn.
From the exit Polyterrasse you just proceed straight ahead along Tannenstrasse and the ETH main building and follow the tram tracks of tram #6 that turn right into Rämistrasse.


By Taxi.

For this trip there is not much difference in convenience compared to using the tram. If nevertheless you want to take a taxi, direct it towards ETH Main Building HG, Rämistrasse 101.


A map of Zurich with the ETH Main Building (HG)

The conference takes place at the Auditorium Maximum (HG F 30)


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Visa information

What to do if you need to apply for a visa.

Please check directly with the Swiss representation in your home country if you need a visa to enter Switzerland/Schengen countries.
The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) does not issue formal invitation letters for visas but it issues a visa support letter.

In order to request a letter, you must email the following information to supportletters@acm.org at ACM:

1. Your name and mailing address as they appear on your passport
2. The name of the conference you are attending (ACM PODC 2010)
3. Your registration confirmation number
4. If you are the author of an accepted paper (or brief announcement) at PODC 2010, provide the title of your paper
5. A fax number to fax you the support letter, and a mailing address.

Please send your requests for visa support letters 6-8 weeks prior to travel plans.

International registrants should be particularly aware and careful about visa requirements, and should plan travel well in advance.